• Gülcüzade İsmail Efendi's first commercial venture was weaving, and thanks to the weaving looms he established with the information he received from various masters, this profession spread rapidly around Isparta and Burdur and enabled many people to learn this profession.
    • Salda Lake is one of the most generous areas of nature, offering alternative holiday opportunities with its sandy beach, unique view with turquoise colour, clean nature, forests and camping places. It is home to many bird species. Salda Lake sailing, canoeing, windsurfing, photo-safari, lake tour, fishing, underwater diving, swimming, etc. offers opportunities.
    • There are two small islets in the lake, which are connected to Eğirdir by a road. The first is Can Ada and the second is Yeşilada.
  • Information on Places to Visit in Isparta
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