ZENGİN CAR RENTAL: A Fresh Approach to the Turkish Automotive Retail Sector

ZENGİN CAR RENTAL, operating for over 13 years in the Turkish automotive retail sector, has brought a fresh approach to the daily car rental industry. As a brand founded with 100% Turkish capital, ZENGİN CAR RENTAL aims to provide the best service with Turkish hospitality, making customers feel special through a warm, friendly, and welcoming experience.
Starting its operations in Isparta in 2015, ZENGİN CAR RENTAL offers its customers high-quality and reliable services at affordable prices. We bring together customers with high-quality expectations by providing a wide range of vehicles in every segment, all of which are the latest models.
Furthermore, ZENGİN CAR RENTAL pioneers in offering the option to purchase the rented vehicles, setting a new standard in the industry. In our guaranteed used car sales, we provide various financial solutions for customers who wish to trade in their vehicles, ensuring convenience by offering fair prices after expert evaluations.
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